Remote Learning and COVID

This page explains the different ways St Mary's is responding to the national pandemic through remote learning provision since January 2021. In the event of another lockdown or similar circumstances, information on this page will be updated to keep families aware of new procedures and routines.

During a time of lockdown, staff at St Mary's will be working hard to make sure procedures are in place so that everyone can work safely and securely in school, or from home.

Parents will be informed via this website (as well as letters, texts and emails) of any changes in procedures during the pandemic.

Please click on the link in blue below to access our 'Remote Learning Report' to see how we can work together at home and at school to support children's learning.

There is also a link for parents suggesting ways to support your children if their mental health is suffering as a result of COVID and the lockdown.


These are our St Mary’s rules for when you are logging on to a live TEAMS lesson during lockdown. It is important that these rules are followed by our families.

  • Be ready 5 minutes before the start of the lesson so you can log-in on time;
  • Be sitting in a place on your own where you can see and hear well such as a kitchen, living room or dining room (but not a private place such as a bedroom or a bathroom);
  • Make sure you are properly dressed – there is no need to wear school uniform but you must not be wearing pyjamas.
  • Please be polite and listen when others are talking;
  • Go on ‘mute’ when asked to by the teacher, so that the teacher can be heard clearly.
  • Behave well during the meetings - please do not interrupt the teacher or disrupt the lesson for others as this is not respectful.

If parents have a question, please email the teacher directly rather than ask during the TEAMS lesson.

Thank you.

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