Learning Journeys

During your child’s time in EYFS at St Mary’s, they will have a special Learning Journey book which will document your child’s achievements as the year progresses through photographs, observations and their creations.  Learning Journeys are used to monitor the skills that your child is developing and records what your child has said or accomplished during their play and exploration which has created a Wow Moment. This enables staff to plan effectively in order to meet children’s individual learning needs and next steps/targets, showing their progress along the way.  It also serves as a reminder of the wonderful experiences children have and highlights discoveries that they make.

As children spend a considerable amount of their time at home with family members, they will naturally demonstrate newly acquired knowledge and skills in the home environment. In order to accurately build a picture of your child’s learning and development, and plan their next steps effectively, we ask parents to contribute to the Learning Journey by filling in a ‘Wow Moment’ slip when your child demonstrates something at home that you feel is a noteworthy achievement for them.