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At St. Mary’s Primary School, children follow a Geography curriculum that enables them to learn about where they live; to learn about their environment and to think about how the world is changing, and how we, as humans, are impacting upon God's world. Through the study of geography, pupils at St Mary's are inspired to develop their curiosity and fascination about the world and communities across the globe.  

From EYFS and in KS1, we begin to look at our homes, our school, the local area, our town, and regional and national areas, and we develop this knowledge so that all children have a real understanding of their immediate locality.  We also look at the global perspective and how we can contribute to our future and to a global society.  Each class studies an area of the world in more depth and we learn about people, places, culture, climate, charities, jobs, and sustainability.  The more the children learn about our planet, the better prepared they are to be citizens in the wider world. By the end of Y6, all children have a good knowledge and understanding of God’s diverse world and the ways in which they can contribute to a better future for everyone living in it.


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