At St Mary’s, the PE curriculum focuses on promoting an active healthy lifestyle and positive mental health and wellbeing. Children experience a range of sports and develop skills whilst building on fitness and agility, alongside developing leadership and collaboration skills through playing team games. We believe children benefit from being active and so they receive 2 hours taught sessions per week, either by a class teacher or sports coach, as well as providing extra time for the Daily Mile.

The teaching of PE enables all children to access the PE curriculum and encourages children to develop relationships with peers through team games and competitive sport. Teachers aim to build resilience and nurture children to express their ideas and opinions whilst supporting their peers. PE lessons ensure challenge for the more able students through questioning and the use of high order vocabulary. Children are taught the skills needed to succeed in sports and have opportunities to develop and build on these each year.

KS2 pupils take part in swimming lessons on a rota every year in order to develop swimming techniques and essential life skills.

Throughout the year children are invited to take part in Rossendale schools competitions through being part of the Rossendale School Sports Partnership. A range of after school clubs and activities also take place during the year including dodgeball, football and basketball.

Through the partnership, pupils also access activities including Abigail's Trails, Bikeability and nurture/inclusion PE for pupils with additional needs to help develop social skills.



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