School Day

School Hours

Doors open at 8.45 am for Breakfast Bagels and registration is taken from 8.50 am.  The school day finishes at 3.20 pm.

Lunchtimes are 45 minutes long.

Each school day is 6.5 hours long with total weekly school hours being 32.5 hours.

Nursery Hours

Doors open at 8.45 am for Breakfast Bagels.  Nursery Sessions are classified in 3-hour blocks.  Morning sessions are 8.45 am - 11.45 am.  Afternoon sessions are 12.15 pm to 3.15 pm.  Parents can also book lunchtime sessions (11.45 am to 12.15 pm).

Extended Hours

Breakfast Club is available from 8.00 am to 8.45 am.  The cost of Breakfast Club is £1.60 for the first sibling and 90p for other siblings. 

Busy Kids After School Club is available until 5.15 pm.  Short sessions (3.20 pm - 4.15 pm) are priced at £3.50 per child.  Long sessions (3.20 pm - 5.15 pm) are priced at £7.00 per child.

Please see the link below for further information on school charges.

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