Applying to St Mary's - September Admissions

St Mary's has places for 30 children in each class in our main school. You do not have to be Catholic to be offered a place at St Mary's. If you are interested in applying for a place, please contact the school office on 01706 873123 or email to arrange a visit and find out more about our caring school. Our admissions policy is attached below.

Please click on to find out more about making applications for a child beginning Reception class, where you can apply online for a school place. For children beginning Reception class in September 2024, the deadline for making online applications is 15th January 2024.


Where a place cannot be secured, parents will be offered a legal right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.  The school/academy is responsible for the administration of the appeals process. Please click on the Lancashire link for more information, including how to appeal to an Academy:

Nursery Admissions

Children are usually admitted into our nursery the half-term after they turn three. Most parents contact the school when their child turns two to register their child for a place. If you wish to register your child or already have a child of nursery age and wish to place them in our nursery, then please contact the school office on 01706 873123 or email

In-Year Admissions

In-year admission is the process of applying for a school place during the school year. Any applications for the intake made after the start of the autumn term will be treated as an in-year application.  The in-year admission process is managed by the school. Parents are required to complete our in-year application form and supplementary faith form, which are available below. You can also contact our school office or visit us to request a hard copy of the applications information and our school prospectus.

Admission to St Mary's usually takes place at the start of a given term, if your child is already in another local school. If you have moved into the area, and your child can no longer attend their previous school because of distance, the admission process will be completed as quickly as possible. If you wish your child to start at St Mary's then please contact the school office on 01706 873123 to arrange a meeting with the Headteacher.




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