School Life and Community Links

Here at St Marys we enjoy working closely with the local community and joining in with celebrations and special events.

Here is some of the art work we created in memory of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


IMG_3634.jpg     IMG_3635.jpg     IMG_3636.jpg   IMG_3637.jpg

  IMG_3638.jpg   IMG_3639.jpg


Bacup Pride

St Mary's are lucky to have a great friendship with Pat from Bacup Pride.  We have helped to litter pick in the community.  We have made flowerpot characters.  Pat has talked to the children about different kinds of plants and flowers.  We are planning to plant some bulbs and seeds to help the bees in Winter.  

Here are some pictures of the children working with Bacup Pride. 

IMG_4341.JPG   IMG_4357.JPG  IMG_4374.JPG   IMG_4376.JPG


IMG_3347.JPG  IMG_3752.JPG  IMG_3753.JPG  IMG_3754.JPG  IMG_3762.JPG


Road Safety with Foxes Group 

Fox's Group came to talk to the children about Road Safety. They even brought along their brand new electric truck! 

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Nursery and Reception

People who help us

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Nursery and Reception

Visit to Bacup Library 

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Year 6

Lego Day

IMG_4080.JPG    IMG_4081.JPG    IMG_4083.JPG  


Year 5 Museum Visit


IMG_7210.jpg    IMG_7212.jpg    IMG_7212.jpg   IMG_7225.jpg