School Uniform

The school uniform is a blue jumper, grey pants, grey or tartan skirt, white shirt and sensible flat black shoes.  During adverse weather, boots can be worn when walking to school and during playtimes.  These must be changed into black shoes or pumps whilst inside the school building.  School uniform helps to promote a sense of belonging and reflects the high standards that are set by everyone associated with St Mary's.  For health and safety reasons, earrings of any kind cannot be worn in school.  Long hair (shoulder length or longer) must be tied back and must be of natural colour; no shaved patterns are allowed.  Nail varnish and make-up cannot be worn to school.

Children must change for PE and games.  The PE kit consists of black shorts, a white t-shirt and a pair of black pumps or training shoes (outside).  PE kit must be kept in a pump bag in school.  In Key Stage 2 children go swimming.  A towel and swimming trunks/costume are needed (no shorts or bikinis).  Children wishing to wear trainers to play sports at playtimes can do so but they must change their footwear into black shoes or pumps whilst in the school building.